AC power Adapter for AP15 80089-05
AC Power for Pro9400, Go6470 and 9300 Series Wireless Headsets
AC/Auto Adapter Recond.
Accessory Clip for the Discovery 925
Adapter, Switcher 9V 500MA, Right Angled Plug 8400 80090-05
AIA01 Sennheiser In Line Amp for Carbon Mic Applications
Alcatel-Avaya EHS Adapter 14201-36
Always-on FLX Wireless Tabletop Microphone Charger
ALY9200100 Lanyard for 92-- Series Phones
Analog Phone Line/Power Connection Cable for KT250 & KT300
Analog Phone Line/Power Extension Cable for KT250 & KT300
APA-2 38909-01 Electronic Hookswitch Cord for Alcatel Phones 6-8 lead time
APA-23 Plantronics 38908-11 EHS Cable (Alcatel) replaces APA-20 and APA-22 cables, features compatibility w/Plantronics On-line Indicator accessory.
APC-4 37978-01 EHS Cisco Hookswitch Control Adapter
APC-41 Upgrade to APC-43 Plantronics 38350-11 EHS Cable Works with Cisco Replaces APC-40 (38350-01) NEW
APC-43 Plantronics 38350-13 EHS Cable
APC-82 Plantronics EHS Cable 201081-01
API-28 Plantronics 202268-01 EHS for CS500 and Apple Iphones
APN-91 Plantronics 89280-11 EHS Cable for NEC
APP-5 38438-01 Polycom EHS - DISCONTINUED Order the CS540 and APP-51
App-51 Plantronics 38439-11 EHS for Polycom Phones Replaces APS-50 (compatible with On-Line Indicator) NEW
APS-1 38347-01 (Siemens) Replaced with APS-10
APS-11 Plantronics 37818-11 EHS Cable
APT-3 DISCONTINUED Order New Wireless and APT-31
APT-31 Plantronics 37820-11 EHS Cable for Tenovis desk phones replaces APT-30 making it compatible with the On-Line Indicator
APU-7 83017-01 Electronic HookSwitch for Cisco and Nortel Phones Order APU-72
APU-72 Plantronics 202578-01 EHS Cable
APU-75 Plantronics 202678-01 EHS Cable
APV-66 Plantronics EHS Cable 38633-11 for Avaya Replaces APV-65 (compatible with On-Line Indicator)
APV-6A DISCONTINUED order new Wireless with the APV-63
APV-6B DISCONTINUED order new Wireless and APV-66
Ash Deskphone Electronic Ringer, Message Waiting and Data Port
Audio Cord for GN8060 TCA 8800-00-100
Avaya 3720 Discontinued - Order 3730 or 3735
Avaya 1120 IP Deskphone (Charcoal with Keycaps and No Power Supply)
Avaya 1120E IP (Graphite with English Keycaps and No Power Supply)
Avaya 1120E IP (Graphite with English Keycaps and No Power Supply)
Avaya 1120E IP (Graphite with Icon Keycaps)
Avaya 1140E IP (Graphite)
Avaya 1140E IP (Graphite, Keycaps, No Power Supply RoHS)
Avaya 1140E IP (Graphite, English Keycaps, No Power)
Avaya 1220 IP Deskphone (Charcoal with English Keycaps and No Power Supply)

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